World Islands

The World Islands are an imaginative investment dream! This group of 300 artificial islands are built to form the shape of the world. Each island is a different country and from the sky, the shape is in fact almost an exact replica of the world map. It’s hard to believe but as you can probably already tell, when it comes to Dubai almost anything is possible! These islands are not too far from Dubai – about 4 kilometres off the coastline. Very few of the islands are actually open to the public and many of them are still in the development phase.

The World Islands are reached best by boat, taking only about 10 minutes directly from the entrance of the harbor we are located in. On the HERO Sunset Boat Tour, we drive to the edge of the World Islands to witness the beautiful Arabian sunset. At this sunset point, in one direction you can see the edge of ‘the World’ and in the other direction is a perfect view of Dubai’s iconic city skyline! This is what makes this spot the prime location to admire the sunset from.

Some say that the edge of the World Islands during sunset on a HERO boat is the perfect scenario to make your Dubai wish. Although driving your own boat to the edge of an artificially built map of the world, in the middle of the ocean is pretty much a Dubai dream come true!