Kite Beach

The home of good vibes and water sports in Dubai! A popular and vibrant beach, Kite Beach is a prime location for beachgoers, kite surfers and other water sport enthusiasts. There’s usually a lot of action happening on this beach, especially over the weekends. Food trucks and other pop-up stalls flock to this spot during the high season (October-May) to provide beachgoers with everything they need for the perfect beach day. Kite Beach is a well-known public beach with great facilities like ablutions and umbrella and deck chair rentals. It’s known as one of the best free beaches as many of the others are attached to hotels and resorts which require entrance fee.

Almost every beachside activity you can imagine is available on at this spot, from beach volleyball to kayaking and paddle-boarding. We prefer to view Kite Beach from behind a HERO boat steering wheel.  In the mornings, afternoons and around sunset time you can usually see a convoy of our HERO boats cruising the waters just past the backline. What makes the view of Kite Beach from the ocean so iconic is that you can admire the sea, the beach and all its action, other water sports going on in the foreground and the Mosque and Downtown Dubai skyline in the background.

Driving your own HERO boat along the coastline of Kite Beach is certainly the best way to become part of the action! On both the HERO Signature Boat Tour and the HERO Sunset Tour, we cruise along the coast of Kite Beach and other beaches along the way as we make our way to the iconic Burj Al Arab. Our HERO HQ and meeting point for the tours is not too far from Kite Beach. In fact, if you are feeling active, you can walk along the running track from Kite Beach directly to the entrance of Fishing Harbor 2 in Umm Suqeim 1 where we are located or alternatively after the HERO tour, you can take a walk onto the beach to enjoy the coastline from both perspectives.