Tours In Dubai With A Difference

Are you looking for tours in Dubai with a difference? Sick of the same tourist traps, well-trodden paths and gimmicky entertainment? We have put together a collection of some of our favourite activities in Dubai.


Dubai is built along the coast and it means that some of its most famous landmarks are best viewed from the sea. Step out of the ordinary and take a guided tour of Dubai’s iconic coastline with Dubai’s only self-drive boat tour. Take the controls and have fun being the Captain of a HERO boat reaching speeds up to 50km/h! HERO boats are not only the best way to get on the water in Dubai, they are very safe as you can’t tip them over! It is easy to drive and a great activity for everyone, including families as 2 people can ride per boat. HERO Self Drive Boat Tour


Amongst all the skyscrapers, 5-star hotels and general opulence, it is hard to get a glimpse of the true culture and heritage of Dubai. Platinum Heritage solved this problem by putting together Dubai’s only authentic desert safari. Focussing on the Bedouin (the desert’s nomadic travelers), have fun traversing the desert on a camel and learning about how the Bedouin used to use the falcon for hunting to supply their major protein sources. You get to taste real Emirati food and even get involved in traditional dances. It finishes with a wildlife drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in museum quality 1950’s vintage Land Rovers! Authentic Dubai Desert Safari

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Hot Air Balloon ride is on many people’s bucket list, but how about one where you share the skies with falcons! You get to enjoy this sight when booking a private Hot Air Balloon. Dubai has a rich history in falconry so the inspirational idea to merge ballooning and falconry had to come from here! It is the only place in the world that you can view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat while enjoying a spectacular sunrise over the Dubai desert. With this tour, you even get treated to a ride in a vintage Land Rover and gourmet breakfast in the desert. Get ready to take the most amazing photos that even professional photographers will envy!

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai